A Level 65 Human Paladin aligned with Erollisi Marr, The Queen of Love


Name: Mihoshi ('beautiful star' in Japanese)
Age: 23
Height: 168 cm (about 5'6")
Weight: ^-^

Mihoshi was born in North Freeport as the daughter of Kobayashi and Sarah. Her father was a cleric of Erollisi Marr and her mother was a Knight of Truth. Mihoshi had a joyful childhood, especially since Freeport wasn't divided yet, like nowadays where the corrupt guards of the evil Sir Lucan control large parts of the city.

Soon some of Mihoshi's special powers became evident. She had the amazing ability to alter probability. Nothing around her went as it should. Paired with the fact that she wasn't the brightest person on Norrath, some kind of bad luck aura and a born to clumsiness, her surrounding suffered from a lot of unwanted mayhem and destruction.

So her parents were more than pleased when she was old enough to begin her education as a paladin of Erollisi Marr, as it was her wish. After her stunning debut in the temple, Mihoshi fell from the first floor right into the pond at the bottom at her first day (good luck there was water, else her promising career would have been finished right there), she showed some talents nonetheless, she was kind, loyal, brave and dedicated. And Mihoshi's skills and chaotic powers tend to win the day in the end, luckily. Although her cluelesness and lack of direction sense could never be compensated by any amount of effort by her trainers.

But finally Mihoshi became a Paladin and ventured out to kill all those nasty rats and bats in front of Freeport. Later she went to the desert of Ro and to the Commonlands. Her travels brought Mihoshi also to the vast plains of the Karanas until she finally arrived in Permafrost, where she met some of the finest people she ever encountered in Norrath. So together with Ceva, Kisma and Ramagh Mihoshi freed a lot of ice goblins from their miserable existence.

Love will conquer all.


Ut desint vires tamen est laudanda voluntas.

Pictures of Mihoshi's Adventures

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Annals of Mihoshi

Entry for 10/06/99

In the distance, Mihoshi can finally see the city walls of Freeport. Her mood isn't too good, and it's raining again. She is just returning home from a long and arduous mission to Solusek's Eye.

The Knights of Truth sent her there to investigate the numerous sightings of goblins and to put an end to their reign of terror. Although she gathered some fellow adventurers around her, the group was not experienced enough to try a direct assault on the so-called goblin king. So Mihoshi thought that killing the captain of the guards -- and a lot of his minions -- would severely cripple the strength of the goblins and would make a later assault on the king much easier.

But getting to the captain was more difficult than she could have imagined. After some slight resistance at the entrance of Solusek, Mihoshi and her group ran into a fiery drake called Singe. But they passed their first real test, and after a hard fight, they emerged victorious. The path was still long to the captains quarters, and goblins of all kind tried to hinder their advancement. But finally, they made it near to his quarters, and after some rest, they stormed right into his room. But the vile creature must have heard of their coming...and so there were only some of his lackeys in the quarters. And apparently, they also prepared a trap!

Then suddenly, after some hard fighting in front of the captains quarter, a horde of goblins stormed the room and overran the little group. Being vastly outnumbered, Mihoshi ordered to retreat, but her group didn't make it out without losses. After reaching the safety of the Lavastorm Mountains, Mihoshi prayed to Erollisi Marr that she may take care of those brave souls who died. Mihoshi was a bit ashamed that she couldn't save them all and that she wasn't the first to die in the battle.

Mihoshi walks through the west gates of Freeport, always suspiciously eyed by the corrupt militia guards. Once again, she wishes that she was experienced enough already to bring the traitor Lucan to justice, thus cutting off the hydra's head. Although her report to the Knights of Truth - that she wasn't able to bring down the goblin threat to the lands and that they seemed stronger and better organized than ever - wouldn't be too enjoyable for Mihoshi, she already feels better entering the northern parts of Freeport.

After having made her report to the Knights of Truth, Mihoshi heads over to the temple of Marr to make some prayers and to find some peace for awhile. But upon entering the temple, a fellow paladin of Erollisi Marr approaches Mihoshi and tells her that, a few days ago, Falaanla Marr -- a sister in faith -- came to the temple, asking for help to protect a young girl named Branwae from bounty hunters and slavery. Mihoshi always detested slavery and so she is more than willing to help.

"Aye, I promise to take a look for the girl, and if I should find her -- I will protect her with my life from that bounty hunter scum! My prayers will be with her, and I only hope that I didn't get this message too late..."

Thus said, Mihoshi heads out of the temple, her mind buried in thoughts. Now, besides still having to find a way to rid the lands of the fire goblin king, Mihoshi was also concerned about the safety of a young girl called Branwae, a girl she never saw before...and yet had become a part of her life.

A night in KedgeKeep

Tonight was my first visit to KedgeKeep. The preparation took quite some time since we wanted to go there with two groups. Except Ramagh and Arcania I didn't know anyone too good. This and the water thingy made me quite nervous ;)

In KedgeKeep we moved right away to the second floor and after a few minutes our Ranger already had his mermaid hair -- and died a few minutes later. An evac and some walking time later the two groups entered the dungeon again. This time the ranger had Cauldronboil on track, a mean lvl 48 shark.

After pulling some minor fishes out of the way (minor like a hammerhead shark that hit me for 114dmg) we pulled Cauldronboil. Well the moment the puller arrived at our gathering point he already died and I saw some of my buff icons blink, but the action had already started and I didn't give more thoughts about it. The shark made quite some damage and the ranger died soon too (the shaman too I think). Most of the time I tried to heal. When I was the only tank left I suddenly noticed my health go down rapidly and not even 2 or 3 seconds later I was dead.

Wow this beast does tremendous damage I thought and scrolled back the log when I arrived in Gfay. Hmm 177 non-meelee dmg, strange -- when I finally noticed that I didn't die because of the shark, on the contrary I didn't take one single hit from it during the whole fight, I simply drowned. The flashing icon I noticed at the start of the fight was the enduring breath spell and I forgot to use the water stone I carried before entering the fight. Well that was another typical Mihoshi death ;) and I came to the conclusion that I need fishbone earrings.

At least a gentle cleric resed me and after some fighting and another evac I called it a day. Overall it was quite an interesting trip and I learned to keep a close eye on my spell icons ;).